Become a lead provider for  our small business loans

If you have questions about becoming a lead provider for Genfin, feel free to read through our list of FAQ’s below.

  • Who can be lead providers to Genfin?

    Accounting/Auditing firms

    Legal/Law firms

    Financial service advisors/consultants

    Alternative lenders

    Business owners

    Professional with network of business contacts

  • Why become a Genfin lead provider?

    If you have clients or a network of business contacts that could use small business loans from time to time you will earn a profit share for referring them.


    Offer your clients a value added service by referring them to Genfin’s tailored and professional small business funding and you will share in 10% of the revenue we earn from the client. This way you play a vital role in preserving and growing your client relationships and assist your clients to grow their businesses and capture opportunities.

  • How do I become a Genfin lead provider?

    You need to register on our website or contact us via electronic mail ( or telephonically (on 087 6544 300). Our Head of Business Development will enter into an agreement with you and issue an authorised lead provider number to you.

  • Do I need to sign any agreements?

    As part of the registration process you will be required to sign a lead provider agreement that we will e-mail to you. The agreement outlines how we will conduct our relationship.

  • When can I start referring leads?

    As soon as you receive your authorised lead provider number you can start referring potential clients to Genfin to receive funding for small businesses.  You will be given a user account to our lead provider portal.  Through this portal, you can complete an application form on behalf of your referral.  We will reach out to the client and take the application forward.


    The lead provider portal will further allow you to see a real time status of your referral’s application as well as revenue share paid to you.  You may provide any additional information you consider relevant to the application to


    Download the Genfin FACT SHEET and share this with your clients to give them useful information on Genfin, our process and how we can help.

  • What will Genfin do after I have submitted a lead?

    Your lead will be loaded onto our system and you will be able to track the progress of all the leads that you have submitted via the lead provider portal.


    We will follow up on your lead by establishing contact with the party that you have referred to us and take the application forward. Refer to the FAQ section on the website for more information on the loan application process.

  • Can I do anything to assist in the loan approval process?

    Thank you, but there is no need to do so. Genfin will engage directly with the client and process the loan agreement to pay-out. You will not be required to engage with the client after you have referred the lead. If the client that you referred has any questions, we would prefer that they contact Genfin directly on 087 6544 300.

  • Can I assist in gathering supporting documentation?

    Please inform us ( if you can gather and compile the required supporting documents on behalf of your client. We will guide you on what to gather to keep the process simple and fast and these can be sent to  Please reference the applicable application.

  • Is there anything I can do if the client I referred is declined by Genfin?

    Genfin will always try their best to approve a loan, but cannot guarantee that all loans will be approved. Genfin evaluates the value of the business, the financial health and the strength and consistency of the cash flow history. Not all clients have good risk profiles and therefore where a loan application is declined, Genfin will deal with the client directly. You will not be required to get involved or engage in the process.

  • How do I find out what is going on with the leads that I referred?

    On our system, your profile will be linked to all the leads (potential loans) that you have referred to us.

    You will be given a user account to our lead provider portal which will allow you to see a real time status of your referrals’ applications.

  • How do I communicate with you?

    We would prefer if you email us on This will assist both of us in keeping an electronic record of all our communication. You are however welcome to call us on 087 6544 300.

  • How much will I get paid for each lead that I refer?

    Genfin offers a competitive referral fee structure with same day settlement of the payment of the loan to your successfully referred customer (i.e. lead resulted in an approved loan).


    For each successfully referred customer you will received the following referral fee:


    Where loans are structured with an upfront fee:

    10% of the interest levied on the first loan granted

    5% of the interest levied on the second loan granted to the same client

    Where loans are structured without an upfront fee (such as a bridging agreement), we do not know our final revenue until settlement of the loan and as such we offer:

    0.5% of the capital advanced to the client

    With both structures, referral fees are paid upfront simultaneously with the advance of the capital to the client.  We do not claw back any referral fees in the unfortunate event of default on the loan. We do place a cap on the referral fee of R60,000 per approved loan. As such, you can earn as much as R120,000 per client.


    For example:

    Refer to the FAQ section on for more information on the pricing of the Genfin loan products.

  • Will you deduct anything off the referral fee that you pay me per lead?

    No, you will be paid the full referral fee as explained in the referral fee structure note.

  • Will my referral fee increase the cost of my client’s loan?

    No, we levy no additional charge to your client in relation to your referral fee.

  • When do I get paid?

    The payment of your referral fee is a function of the success of each loan application. You only qualify for a referral fee if the lead that you referred resulted in a loan approval.


    You will receive your payment on the same day the loan is paid out to your client.

  • What do I do next?

    Register online as a lead provider. We are looking forward to building a relationship with you. It is time to capitalize on the business contacts and relationships that you have been building over the years.

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