Working capital management is important to keep your business running

If you own a manufacturing or retail business, your business’ working capital is likely to require effective management on an ongoing basis, due primarily to varying cash flow cycles within the working capital components. Working capital management is a key focus area for any business to ensure real time monitoring and utilization of its working capital.

Working capital management is an area of interest in Genfin’s evaluation of a potential client. A superior working capital strategy applied within a business, will deliver balance within the cash flow timings of incoming and outgoing payments, evidencing efficient financial operation within the business. We understand the value of good inventory management, and the management of accounts received and accounts payable, but we also understand that with even the best laid working capital management plans, cash flows can become strained for sound reasons.

 How Genfin can assist

We have a track record of helping businesses with short term financing to resolve challenges such as large stock orders, managing payroll and managing customer settlement terms, thereby alleviating short term pressures on working capital. Our business-to-business loans will ensure that your company has sufficient working capital to manage short term payments and debt.

To qualify, you need a trading history of more than 12 months and a yearly turnover greater than R1m. We realise that time is of the essence in all business operations, which is why we commit to processing your loan application and pay out your business funding 3 days.

If your business faces working capital challenges from time to time, opting for a finance loan from Genfin is a smart idea. Apply online, it’s as simple as that.


  • A trading history of more than 12 months
  • An annual turnover of more than R1million

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